Who needs training from Mitigated Risks?

Mitigated Risks offers interactive training designed to educate managers, sales force members and employees at all levels of your organization.


  • Training courses in high-definition using our HDLearn® technology
  • iPad and tablet compatible
  • Targeted training for every position in your company
  • Access online anywhere, anytime
  • Easy progress and completion tracking
  • Completion certificates to meet your record keeping requirements
  • Flexible, customizable format
  • Downloadable key take-aways include practical checklists, templates and resources

The Benefits of e-Learning

Anyone with access to the internet has access to training from Mitigated Risks. Courses are engaging, thorough, fast and simple to use. The e-learning delivery method is:

  • Flexible and convenient: Individuals can complete our training on their own schedule and at their own pace.
  • Efficient and inexpensive: Our training allows you to train large numbers of people simultaneously or over a period of time, no matter where they are located, eliminating costly travel and missed training sessions.
  • Monitored: Through the Digital Chalk System you can track and manage employees’ progress and make sure they understand the training.

All programs are viewable from the web using any device. You can stop and start the program as needed using your personal login information. Additionally, each program will provide a certificate of completion after all course requirements are met.